You’ve Got the Home, Now You Want to Buy a Boat?

How to Ensure You Buy the Right Boat

Boat SalreBuying the right boat will provide you and your passengers memorable moments for a lifetime. Make the mistake of not getting everything in order before you write that check and you could be spending frustrating day after frustrating day on the water. Consider the following tips to ensure you buy the right boat before you head out to the local boat sale.

1. The Size of Your Boat – Not every boat is created equal, and you will find out when you buy the wrong boat that things are not as enjoyable on the water that you thought. If you plan on entertaining family and friends and the boat you purchase is designed to hold only 3-4 people, things will not only be tight on board, you will not be able to bring more people down the road. Decide well in advance what size parties you plan on taking out with you. If you only want the boat to go out fishing by yourself, a small boat is definitely in order.

2. The Engine Choice – Although many boats look similar in size and design, the motor size can make all the difference when it comes to having fun on the water. If you are buying a medium size boat with a small motor, don’t expect the boat to be able to tow passengers on skis or tubes. If you are going to be deep-sea fishing, you need a larger motor to be able to power through that rough surf. It is important you speak with the seller about your intentions so they ca make certain you are going to have enough power to get to where you need to be going.

3. New vs Used – If you are on a tight budget when shopping for a boat, consider all the following benefits to getting a slightly used boat. There are boaters who got in over their heads and simply want out of the deal. These are highly motivated sellers who will not only negotiate on the price of the boat, they may even consider throwing in many of the accessories they bought to sweeten the deal. Rather than having to purchase them separately, you could score a great deal on a boat that includes the trailer, fishing equipment, safety equipment, depth finder, and satellite weather radio.

Follow these simple tips to ensure that you are going to buy the right size boat. Get it right here, and you will be creating those memorable moments on the seas with your closest friends soon enough!

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Some Advice for Making an Offer on a House

rebates on real estateMaking an offer on a house is just like negotiating to buy something at a yard sale or at the car dealership, except on a much grander scale. Here are some helpful tips from our friends at Rebates on Real Estate to keep in mind. The one thing to remember when making an offer is that the homeowner is already anticipating you were going to come in and negotiate, so they have already raised the price to cover the ability for them to drop the price. Don’t feel like you are insulting the homeowner, many buyers are on a budget or only have certain amounts the lender will give them. Consider this advice for making an offer on a house before you pay more than you need to.

Go Low First
Like we discussed, the homeowner is already expecting you to counter their price, so don’t sell yourself short by only coming down a little in price. Once you make that offer and they quickly accept, you can’t go back and try to go lower. Go low with the first offer, they will either hesitantly accept or make you a counter offer. That way you know exactly where you stand on price.

Inspection Always
Before making the offer, get a professional home inspector to come out to the house and check everything. They will look closely at the plumbing, electrical system, roof, foundation, and all the working appliances throughout. If there is any issues in the home, now you have some bargaining power. You can better negotiate with the homeowner by telling them to either come down “x” amount or repair all the issues you uncovered.

What is Staying
Ask the homeowners what is staying and what is not part of the sale. If you fell in love with the house but now are just realizing the homeowner is taking all the appliances, all the window treatments, and items you assumed were part of the sale, you need to adjust your offer accordingly. These items will need to be purchased after the sale so make sure you cover that cost before paying too much for the house.

Get it in Writing
Now that you understand what is staying in the house and have had it inspected, make a serious offer that is in the ballpark of what the homeowner wants. If they are asking $200,000 and you offer $100,000 for the house, not only will you insult them, they may not want to do business with you. Be considerate but be penny conscious a the same time.

This advice for making an offer on a house should get you the most value for your dollar and ensure no major repairs will be needed for the foreseeable future. For more help in finding your next home or real estate purchase visit:


How to Choose the Right Charleston Divorce Attorney

Charleston Divorce AttorneysChoosing the right professional family law attorney to assist you with a divorce is a challenging process if you do not know what to look for. We sat down with a prominent Charleston divorce attorney for some advice. Contemplate what it is that you are trying to accomplish and give them a call of visit them at: http// Do you just want an uncontested separation and then the eventual divorce? Is mediation going to be a possibility? Or has the relationship deteriorated to the point you undoubtedly need a professional family law attorney to help you to go to battle on your behalf?

Knowing the volume of legal services you should retain will help you look for those services more effectively. If you don’t already have a list of professional family law attorneys, a good place to start is the searching online or the local Yellow Pages. You can start a free search to generate a list of professional family law attorneys on your area that specialize in this particular field. Once you’ve compiled a list of prospective lawyers, use the following questions to narrow down prospective candidates.

Do they could have experience in the area of family law which your case is related?
Ask family and friends if they have heard of these attorneys and what they think about them.
Contact your local bar association to see if the lawyer is in good standing.
Look at online archives for your local newspaper. Is there been any publicity regarding that lawyer or the cases they have handled?

Your analysis of a professional family law attorney begins with the initial phone call. An important consideration when choosing a lawyer is how much experience the law firm has in this particular area. Look for see if the professional family law attorney is affiliated using associations that cater to your needs. You will want to hire a professional family law attorney using a local office. Family actions might take place in a different state, then you will require a lawyer licensed in that state.

Always ask for a copy of the lawyer’s retainer agreement, then have it explained for your understand before deciding upon retaining the attorney. You might wind up paying more money to the attorney who you retain, make sure you understand what you are paying for before signing any documents. Use your common sense to gauge lawyers. You will want to be comfortable with the lawyer you eventually employ. You want to find the best professional family law attorney who you can assume will do the best job for you and your family. Start making some telephone calls and reaching out to family and friends today.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying Charleston SC Real Estate

It doesn’t matter if you are in the market for a new or old home, this is going to be one of the most costly purchases you ever make. That being said, you simply can not fall in love with that house because it has personality or it looks like it is in the perfect neighborhood. Just below the surface could be serious issues that could turn that dream house to a living nightmare. Don’t make the following mistakes before you sign a real estate agreement to buy a home especially if buying Charleston SC Real Estate.  The low country is Carolina one biggest area for hidden defects steaming from the high moisture and humidity of the area.  Get more informed information by visiting:

Charleston Real EstateCheck the Roof
Even if that roof looks brand new, it could have been installed improperly and water could already be leaking under the shingles. Water damage will cost you more in the long run than hiring a professional inspector to get up there and ensure the roof is in perfect working condition.

Electrical Issues
Electrical issues don’t only occur in older home, many newer homes are quickly thrown together by contractors who work for next to nothing and barely have an understanding of the work they are they doing. Having the wires inspected can save you costly repairs and help eliminate the chance of a fire breaking out.

Call a Plumber
There is no way you could understand issues with pipes under the house because you can not see them. Even new homes have issues with broken pipes that are hidden from view. A plumber can test the pressure of those pipes to ensure no cracks or leaks are there and that the entire system is running properly.

The Home Foundation
Everything about you home rests on the assumption the foundation is in perfect condition. Cracks could cause the house to sag, and even worse, begin to leak. Once water can seep into and through the foundation, you will be dealing with leaks under the house and the crumbling of the structure. Have a professional test the foundation for strength to make sure it is in proper condition for years to come.

Dangerous Black Mold
Black mold is deadly, especially for the elderly or young children. It can be hiding right behind the walls without you ever even knowing it is there. The mold could also be in air ducts, pumping into each room of the house without you knowing. Get the home tested for black mold and then make certain it is removed if any has been detected. This is not something you can simply clean up with a rag and some cleaning chemicals.

When to Contact a DUI Lawyer Columbia SC?

DUI lawyer Columbia SCIf you have been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, you should understand that the charges could impact your life for many years to come. Without the help of a professional DUI lawyer Columbia SC ore anywhere for that matter, you could be facing serious fines, jail time, and a significant loss of your drivers license. This can not only impact you financially today, you could lose the ability to drive to your job and earn in the future. The only way that you stand a chance in getting these serious charges lessened is by reaching out to a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Fighting on Your Behalf
The first thing your DUI lawyer will do is go back to the night of the arrest and ensure your rights were upheld during the entire process. The way this is done is by gathering evidence during your arrest from the police dashboard camera and the testing results of all the equipment used during the tests. This evidence must be followed to the letter, so if a test result was not correctly obtained or the machine was not calibrated properly, your attorney can fight in the court that the judge lessen or dismiss the charges. The entire arrest process is extremely complicated and involved, and your DUI lawyer can gather important evidence that does not line up with proper protocol, and approach the judge in your defense for a lesser sentence.

Severe Penalties
Trying to fight the charge without a DUI lawyer is not a wise thing to do. The judge in most cases is not going to be tolerant of your charge, and in many cases could impose serious jail time. In addition to you spending time in jail where you could get injured by other inmates, you will be hit with severe fines that could impact you financially for years to come. Then you have to deal with the loss of your license and ability to earn money down the road. If the judge slaps you with the maximum penalty, you may lose your current job and have to apply for a new job locally where driving is not involved. If your job is driving, losing the license for any time will for all purposes end your ability to work at that job.

Your DUI lawyer can negotiate with the judge if this was your first charge for DUI. There are circumstances where the courts could provide you with a special driving permit, or if the lawyer has substantial evidence in your defense, the license can be reinstated.


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