Doug WilcoxYears ago I decided that as a professional that giving value first was more important that chasing money. I developed a belief that by adding value up front in everything that I do the money would come. If I focused my efforts on things that had high value and followed this belief system I always believed I would succeed.

Thankfully, my efforts have afforded me an opportunity to ramp of my efforts and I have created a venue that I hope you will enjoy and prosper from in this website. I look forward to many years of adding value and providing answers to as many questions about business, law and my interest in real estate and life in general.

My Goals for this Blog:

Please check back often as I will eventually be offering this website as a place where others in my day-to-day, business-to-business contacts spectrum can express their opinions and provide additional valuable information. With today’s fast paced web savvy clientele “us” in the business and attorney world must keep up with many changes. So from time to time I hope that this website will offer Business to Business guidance in areas that are important to our reader.