When to Contact a DUI Lawyer Columbia SC?

DUI lawyer Columbia SCIf you have been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, you should understand that the charges could impact your life for many years to come. Without the help of a professional DUI lawyer Columbia SC ore anywhere for that matter, you could be facing serious fines, jail time, and a significant loss of your drivers license. This can not only impact you financially today, you could lose the ability to drive to your job and earn in the future. The only way that you stand a chance in getting these serious charges lessened is by reaching out to a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Fighting on Your Behalf
The first thing your DUI lawyer will do is go back to the night of the arrest and ensure your rights were upheld during the entire process. The way this is done is by gathering evidence during your arrest from the police dashboard camera and the testing results of all the equipment used during the tests. This evidence must be followed to the letter, so if a test result was not correctly obtained or the machine was not calibrated properly, your attorney can fight in the court that the judge lessen or dismiss the charges. The entire arrest process is extremely complicated and involved, and your DUI lawyer can gather important evidence that does not line up with proper protocol, and approach the judge in your defense for a lesser sentence.

Severe Penalties
Trying to fight the charge without a DUI lawyer is not a wise thing to do. The judge in most cases is not going to be tolerant of your charge, and in many cases could impose serious jail time. In addition to you spending time in jail where you could get injured by other inmates, you will be hit with severe fines that could impact you financially for years to come. Then you have to deal with the loss of your license and ability to earn money down the road. If the judge slaps you with the maximum penalty, you may lose your current job and have to apply for a new job locally where driving is not involved. If your job is driving, losing the license for any time will for all purposes end your ability to work at that job.

Your DUI lawyer can negotiate with the judge if this was your first charge for DUI. There are circumstances where the courts could provide you with a special driving permit, or if the lawyer has substantial evidence in your defense, the license can be reinstated.