You’ve Got the Home, Now You Want to Buy a Boat?

How to Ensure You Buy the Right Boat

Boat SalreBuying the right boat will provide you and your passengers memorable moments for a lifetime. Make the mistake of not getting everything in order before you write that check and you could be spending frustrating day after frustrating day on the water. Consider the following tips to ensure you buy the right boat before you head out to the local boat sale.

1. The Size of Your Boat – Not every boat is created equal, and you will find out when you buy the wrong boat that things are not as enjoyable on the water that you thought. If you plan on entertaining family and friends and the boat you purchase is designed to hold only 3-4 people, things will not only be tight on board, you will not be able to bring more people down the road. Decide well in advance what size parties you plan on taking out with you. If you only want the boat to go out fishing by yourself, a small boat is definitely in order.

2. The Engine Choice – Although many boats look similar in size and design, the motor size can make all the difference when it comes to having fun on the water. If you are buying a medium size boat with a small motor, don’t expect the boat to be able to tow passengers on skis or tubes. If you are going to be deep-sea fishing, you need a larger motor to be able to power through that rough surf. It is important you speak with the seller about your intentions so they ca make certain you are going to have enough power to get to where you need to be going.

3. New vs Used – If you are on a tight budget when shopping for a boat, consider all the following benefits to getting a slightly used boat. There are boaters who got in over their heads and simply want out of the deal. These are highly motivated sellers who will not only negotiate on the price of the boat, they may even consider throwing in many of the accessories they bought to sweeten the deal. Rather than having to purchase them separately, you could score a great deal on a boat that includes the trailer, fishing equipment, safety equipment, depth finder, and satellite weather radio.

Follow these simple tips to ensure that you are going to buy the right size boat. Get it right here, and you will be creating those memorable moments on the seas with your closest friends soon enough!

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